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Scott Allen maintained a comfortable lead throughout the night in the 97th Assembly District race.

But his victory wasn’t official until just after midnight Wednesday morning, more than four hours after the polls closed.

With 2,003 votes or 34 percent of the vote, Allen separated himself from the pack to win the crowded six-person Republican primary.

His closest challenger was Humana consultant Brandon Rosner, who finished with 1,714 votes or 29 percent of the vote.

The next four candidates were far behind. City of Waukesha alderwoman and county board supervisor Kathleen Cummings finished third with 742 votes (13 percent), GOP activist Vince Trovato fourth with 727 votes (12 percent), city of Waukesha alderman Aaron Perry fifth with 428 votes (7 percent) and former town of Waukesha supervisor Joe Banske sixth with 300 votes (5 percent).

All of the candidates were city or town of Waukesha residents.

Allen, a former city of Waukesha alderman, will appear on the general election ballot in November.

But with no Democratic challenger, Allen essentially became the district’s new state representative after winning the primary.

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Daniel Bice reports:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. — real or fake Democrat?

Most of us figured this out long ago. Clarke is to the right of most righties, but he has to run as a Democrat to win in Democratic-heavy Milwaukee County.

But that hasn’t prevented Clarke’s partisan affiliation from becoming a major flash point in a heated Waukesha County GOP primary.

Brandon Rosner — the front-runner to replace disgraced state Rep. Bill Kramer, a Waukesha Republican — is ripping one of his four GOP foes for featuring Clarke at a recent fundraiser.

“He’s a registered Democrat,” Rosner said of Clarke, who is himself running for re-election. Rosner repeated, with full effect: “He’s a registered Democrat.”

Scott Allen, the Republican Assembly candidate who is the target of the attack, doesn’t mind the criticism. He wishes only that Rosner would broadcast it a little more widely.

“I am proud to have Sheriff Clarke and his wife as supporters,” Allen said recently.

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