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2 weeks ago

Rep Scott Allen

We have worked too hard in Wisconsin to turn back now. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Rep Scott Allen

Always working hard for the 97th.Very productive meeting yesterday with the Property Tax Assessment Study Committee. #BrightStores #WorkingHard ... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations to @BryanSteilforWI -- Wisconsin's newest congressman!

It's time to send some Wisconsin style solutions to Washington!

Is there a fire McCarthy bandwagon yet? #Packers #givingthegameaway

Here's an idea.

Give Acosta back his press pass.

Next time (& every time) Acosta grandstands...

End the press conference. Immediately.

Until Acosta's journalist colleagues (whom he disrespects by hogging time showboating), peer pressure him into behaving like an adult.

A tribute to veterans at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy from Friday. Thank God for those who are willing to sacrifice.

If there really is no voter fraud, why are Democrats doing everything they possibly can to prevent investigations into it?


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