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Inflation is a thief that steals from everyone but impacts the working poor the most.

The policies of Biden and Evers have exacerbated and accelerated inflation. Now the Federal Reserve has no choice but to restrict monetary supply which means that it costs more money to borrow. High-interest rates hinder investment and restrict our economic growth.

We cannot spend our way to prosperity. We cannot experiment with peoples’ livelihoods because some people have environmental or social agendas.

We need common sense solutions including regulatory reduction and permanent tax relief for Wisconsin to remain competitive. We need to give our long-term residents reasons to stay in Wisconsin and we need to give other people reasons to relocate to Wisconsin.



We want people to choose to live in Wisconsin.  One way we compete for residents is to keep Wisconsin affordable.

Do our seniors have a financial incentive to become residents of states like Florida, Tennessee, or Texas where there are no taxes on income?  Does our tax policy encourage young entrepreneurs and inventors to relocate out-of-state?  Do we have more government than we need?

These are important questions that we need to keep on the top of our policy agenda.


As citizens of this great nation, we must be ever diligent in protecting our rights. Ronald Reagan
warned us that freedom is only one generation away from extinction.

Our nation’s founders expressed that our rights are “endowed by our Creator.” They further
warned of a tyrannical government that might take away our individual rights. Protecting our
rights, such as free speech and to keep and bear arms, is as important today as it was in the
days of our country’s founding. We cannot assume that they are safe.

We must work for justice where the right to impartial justice and protection against unreasonable
searches are afforded to all citizens including our brothers and sisters with darker skin, or where
the power of the state does not supersede an individual's right to make their own health

Further, as the abolitionists crusaded for human rights for those without power or voice, so too
must we crusade for the rights of the unborn.

Education Reform

If we want to see an end to racial disparities, we need to ensure the best possible education for students in Wisconsin. This will require strategic funding of evidence-based early childhood education initiatives as well as supporting expanded school choice opportunities. Students win when they and their parents are given the choice of schools which prioritize learning and excellence over politics and the status quo. 

Schools also need to support parents in raising their kids. Parents need to be meaningfully involved and aware of what their kids are learning. Only when schools see parents as allies and not enemies will students thrive. 

Public Safety

Our public safety infrastructure needs to be a top priority moving forward. We need to effectively fund and support firefighters, emergency medical services, and police and corrections personnel in a period of inflation and a tight labor market. How do we hold District Attorneys accountable who refuse to charge or prosecute criminals and simply release them back into the community?

We need public access to good data on DA and judicial performance. We need regular reports on public safety issues so that we can make good policy to keep our communities safe. A 21st Century update is in order.

Human Dignity (Moral/Social Issues)

Every human being is made in the image of God and has inherent value and dignity. The right of every human to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be protected. This begins from the moment of conception. If we want to be a state that is known for social justice, then we must
protect the lives of those who have no voice. The people of Wisconsin deserve a robust public debate about life and abortion.

We also need to protect our kids from the harmful ideologies of the left that seeks to sexualize our kids, groom them to idolize themselves, and would encourage kids to do irreversible harm to their bodies instead of providing real help.

Finally, we need to make sure that every student is treated fairly no matter what race or ethnicity they are. We need to reject any ideology that seeks to divide us or teach that one race is inferior to any other.


In God We Trust.  Our liberty is endowed by our Creator.  It is our jobs as citizens to protect those liberties, and we will do so if we keep God at the center of our work.

Racial Disparity

It is time for conservatives to engage in eradicating racial disparity in our state in terms of education, employment, and economics. The disparity has created a cultural chasm and generations of dependency, and it threatens to destroy our common bond as Americans. The cancer of disparity will break the fabric of who we are as a nation, and it will break us financially.

We conservatives have too long ignored the problems or treated them with kid gloves, being afraid of potential criticism. Instead, we have left them to be addressed by urban liberals who have only made matters worse.

Let us commit to leveling the education playing field, growing employment opportunities, and strengthening families. Wisconsin can lead the nation and provide an outstanding example.


A strong, safe, and productive society requires each of us to have a strong sense of personal responsibility. We each need to contribute.

Go to church, read God’s word, pray. A strong society is a moral society. Justice doesn’t happen by itself - it needs moral underpinnings.

Civic involvement is essential. You are not doing your part if you simply provide public commentary on social media. Your community needs volunteers. Find a way to help in your hometown. Join a civic group. Help your local library or school.

Good Government

The most important policies are the ones which engender trust in government. We must pursue the utilization of technology to make it easier to inspect the workings of government and the decision-making process of office holders. We need to be measured in our approach, remaining prudent and exercising discretion on behalf of the public as well as the individuals involved.

We cannot afford to become comfortable. We must continue to press for reforms that make us more efficient, more transparent, and more effective. Our policies should inspire and motivate our people to be the best they can be, to pursue greatness. Our behaviors and actions should serve as models for future generations.



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