Scott Allen for Assembly
Scott Allen for Wisconsin - Assembly 97


We are Wisconsin. We build things better. We invent things. We serve. We are Wisconsin and we are moving forward. We still have too many vacant store fronts, and, still too many foreclosures and short sales. We have a gap that exists between the jobs and the skills required for those jobs. In 2010, we elected Governor Walker and we told the world that Wisconsin is open for business. We have only just begun.

If we want to greatly expand our economy, we need a representative who truly understands our economy, who has practical business experience and knowledge and the wisdom to work toward solutions.


We have a lot more to do to reduce overall government spending, to force efficiencies in government like the private sector, and to lower the tax burden faced by Wisconsin entrepreneurs and Wisconsin families. The state government must take a lead role in fostering intergovernmental cooperation. Reelect me to the legislature I will keep our foot on the gas pedal of reform, so that Wisconsin’s taxpayers win.


As citizens of this great nation we must be ever diligent in protecting our rights. Ronald Reagan warned us that freedom is only one generation away from extinction. I love what Margaret Thatcher said, “There is no society. There are only individuals and families.” Our nation’s founders expressed that our rights are “endowed by our Creator.” I will protect our rights to free speech and to keep and bear arms, and I will do my best to fight for the rights of the unborn.


High standards in education are essential. I want to make sure that decisions about those standards remain the responsibility of local, elected school boards rather than in the hands of bureaucrats in Madison or Washington. Having a national debate about what we should strive for as a nation is fine as long as someone else’s standards are not forced upon any local school district. I have always been and will continue to be a staunch supporter of school choice.


In God We Trust. Our liberty is endowed by our Creator. It is our job as citizens to protect those liberties, and we will do so if we keep God at the center of our work.

Racial Disparity

There is significant racial disparity in our state in terms of education, employment, and economics. Ignoring the disparity among races in our society is like ignoring cancer cells in the body. Unaddressed this disparity will create a cultural chasm and generations of dependency, it will divide our people and destroy our common bond as Americans. The cancer of disparity will break the fabric of who we are as a nation and it will break us financially. We conservatives have too long ignored the problems or treated them with kid gloves being afraid of potential criticism. Instead we have left them to be addressed by urban liberals who have only made matters worse.